Our History

MacBride Hinton & Co has a unique history, dating back to the early decades of the 1900s, when Australia was in its formative stages as a nation. Its beginnings as a chartered accountancy firm and its continued progress are paralleled by the development of accounting and commerce in Australia. In 1912 the practice was founded by MacBride. He was admitted as a member of the Incorporated Society of Accountants earlier that year and practiced as William T. MacBride, Public Accountant.
In 1918 Hugh Fulton Hinton joined the firm and was admitted to the partnership in 1925.
At this time the name of the firm was changed to the present MacBride Hinton & Co.

In 1928 The Royal Charter was granted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the first members of the council included Mr. W.T. MacBride, who had been one of those instrumental in obtaining it. In 1934, Mr. MacBride was Federal President of the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants, which was amalgamated with others to establish the Australian Society of Accountants.
During the recession of the 1930’s and the war from 1939-1945, the firm survived very difficult times. Acute staff shortages placed a heavy strain upon the firm.
Peter Murphy, Robert Abell and John McBlane joined MacBride Hinton & Co as young men. In the 1950’s and 1960’s all three became partners and took over from both W. T. MacBride and H.F. Hinton.

By the 1960’s the firm was indeed prominent. The founding members Mr. MacBride and Mr. Hinton sadly died in 1966. By 1997, Stuart Robertson had joined the practice, by merging their firm with MacBride Hinton. John McBlane, Robert Abell and Peter Murphy all retired as partners but continued to provide an on-going consulting services for a number of years.





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