Do you have a strategic plan?

Do you have a strategic plan?

If you are in business or an Investor, you should have a Strategic Plan.

Wealth Creation Strategies needs to be backed by a strategic plan. Your plan should map out the important steps that must be achieved to attain the results you want.

The important elements of your strategic plan include where you are now:
• Income Producing Activities
• Assets Held
• Liabilities
• Net Value
• Structure
• Compliance
• Laws and Regulations
• Problems and Issues
• Highlights and Achievements

And without a vision, how can you foresee your future and make plans towards achieving your desired future.

It is important to ask yourself, where do you want to be in say 5 to 10 years’ time? What do you want to achieve? What does life look like for you when you get there?

Aligning your vision to your “here I am now” model will highlight vast differences that must be achieved to realise your vision. Your knowledge of your now and then will inspire you to identify and map goals that must be achieved to make the finish line.

A Strategic Plan is one of the most important planning documents you will write in your lifetime, and your Accountant is the most trusted advisor that can help you map it all out.

Engaging the right Accountant is not always an easy process, particularly when you are unsure as to why you need an Accountant in the first instance or what you really want out of your Accountant.

Although, you may have already resolved that cost will be your main reason for engagement.

Accountants provide broad services from the business advisory, taxation compliance, audit, insolvency, and general accounting.

Engaging an Accountant should not be taken lightly, they need to be your Trusted Advisors, professionals you can rely on for accurate advice and guidance and can add value to your wealth creation strategies.

Role of Accountant

The role of your Accountant is to advise, guide and inform, and your Accountants objective is to add value to your intrinsic affairs as you move throughout the various stages of your life’s journey and wealth creation strategies.

Accountants will always attend to your compliance matters, but what they find more rewarding, is being a part of your vision, your strategic plans and guiding you towards accomplishing your goals and objectives.

hinder your decision
Here are the top 3 reasons that are more likely going to hinder your decision when engaging your Accountant:

1. Cost

Accountants have traditionally charged themselves out on an hourly rate basis. Today, most Accountants offer packages and fixed fee arrangements. You can now budget for your professional services and not have the fear of unexplained costs or surprise invoices.

2. Service offerings

Most Accountants offer a broad range of services whilst specialising in one or more of those service offerings. Talk to your Accountant about their core skills, knowledge, and qualifications to ensure they meet your criteria and needs.

3. Relationship

It is paramount that you have a healthy relationship with your Accountant, you need to feel comfortable with sharing all your personal information and knowing your information is safe and kept confidential. 

It is not easy to evaluate a Trusted Advisor until you experience working with them, however you can look to their professional associations and public reviews for more insight before you decide on your engagement.

MacBride Hinton & Co are Chartered Accountants established in 1912. The current principals and their team combined have over 100 years of experience between them.

We are experts in Taxation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and offer ongoing business advisory and support including general accounting and bookkeeping services.

We can help you with your strategic plan and offer you mentoring throughout your life’s journey and the execution of your strategic plan.

Our aim is for our clients to succeed, this is how we succeed.


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