Do you have a strategic plan?

Do you have a strategic plan?

If you are in business or an Investor, do you have a Strategic Plan mapping out your pathway to your future and success?

Wealth Creation Strategies can be supported by clear and defined Strategic Planning.  Through strategic planning you can learn more about your goals and objectives, and contrast your now with your Future You.  A good strategic plan will map out the pathway and define 'what actions must be done to get there'.

An important element of your strategic plan is knowing everything about your now and visualising your future wants and needs.  The supporting elements to your strategic plan includes:
• Income Producing Activities
• Assets Held
• Liabilities
• Net Value
• Structure
• Compliance
• Laws and Regulations
• Problems and Issues
• Highlights and Achievements

It is important to ask yourself, where do you want to be in say 5 to 10 years’ time? What do you want to achieve? What does life look like for you when you get there?

Aligning your vision to your “here I am now” model will highlight vast differences that must be achieved to realise your vision. Having a good understanding of 'your now and then' will inspire you to identify and road map action steps and goals that must be achieved to cross the finish line.

A Strategic Plan is one of the most important planning documents you will write in your lifetime, and your Accountant is the most trusted advisor that can help you map it all out.

MacBride Hinton & Co are business advisors that can assist you with documenting your strategic plan, and whilst on the journey with you, will be there each step of the way to provide you with the ongoing guidance, advice and support to keep you on task towards achieving your goals and future success.

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