MacBride Hinton & Co is a firm of Chartered Accountants, proudly established since 1912. Our aim is to provide a high standard of professional services to assist our clients in meeting their compliance obligations with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and their local state of revenues. We provide a customised service solution to our clients based on their needs using our sophisticated integrated accounting solutions. 

We also aim to assist our clients with their wealth creation strategies and have the knowledge around asset protection and corporate structuring. We also make it our business to get involved in your business, we like to see our clients achieve their growth strategies and make it our role to be actively involved in building and managing your strategic goals and plans.


This long-established firm goes back to the horse-drawn vehicles and grain merchants of Sussex Street, it is unique as it is believed to be the only remaining firm to have in its name one of the signatories to the application for, and member of the original Council of the Institute named in, The Royal Charter granted in 1928.

William Thomas MacBride founded the firm in 1912 and admitted Hugh F. Hinton into the partnership in 1925. In 1934 William Thomas MacBride was President of the Commonwealth Institute of accountants subsequently renamed the Australian Society of Accountants.

Up until 1997, MacBride Hinton & Co had five principals including John McBlane admitted 1956, Peter Murphy admitted 1961 and Robert Abell admitted 1964.  All have since retired from the practice.

Over the years the practice has changed from the Sussex Street involvement during its early development, through the strong mining connections in the pre Second World War period into the middle 60’s, to a broad general practice with clients in a wide field of endeavors.

Many of those clients have been associated with the firm for generations, some whose ancestors were amongst the firm’s earliest clients.

Today, MacBride Hinton & Co continues its traditional style of business, accounting and taxation services to its existing and new clients paving the way for many years ahead. We pride ourselves on our history and embrace modern society having experienced vast changes in how we do business.